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Base-line metricThe initial stage to any new software engineering development: determine the software and hardware components as the required targets and apply appropriate deployment, testing, performance and monitoring tools for data acquisition to establish a baseline metric.

Gap AnalysisIdentify and test: software stacks - FOSS or commercial or some combination of software tools, toolkits and frameworks for a customized development or performance analysis of the target systems.

Final analysisGap Analysis Follow-up: after the completion of the Gap Analysis newly developed and JUnit tested software modules can be installed, rigorous performance testing and appropriate tuning techniques may be applied resulting in a well documented Final Analysis.

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On 7th February 2009

On 16th January 2009

Updated my website with this new page!This page was a lot of work because of the effort needed to jump the Gimp/Photoshop learning curve. In the Final Analysis I used both popular graphics programs to spruce up my site. I have more work to do...

On 7th April 2012

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